Hospital Worker Walks Upto The Dying Woman's Bed, Then They Catch This On Camera

It happened just days before she died.

#3 Heart Warming

#3 Heart Warming

It is not one of those incorrigible stories of elderly abuse that left you in awe and disgust! It is something really different and amazing. The story is from the lands of Austinburg, Ohio where a man named Joshua Woodard works as a hospice worker at Austinburg Nursing & Rehab Center.

He did something really heart-warming for the woman who was just near to her death. His act is surely going to leave you spellbound restoring that lost faith in humanity!

#2 Soothing Performance

#2 Soothing Performance

Joshua serenaded Mary, an elderly woman, with a soothing performance of the classic Christian hymn,"How Great Thou Art". Death is inevitable, no one has a control over it, but leaving peacefully to whatever that lies ahead is probably the best way to leave.

This man, with his soothing performance bid her goodbye in the most heartfelt manner. The whole incident is captured beautifully in the camera. Watch the entire incident in the video ahead.

#1 The Video

Indeed, Joshua's personality and passion for his work suits his profession completely. To be able to do this much for an unknown requires a huge heart. He's really the man with the heart of gold.

Watch the video to witness the amazing performance.

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