Homeless Man Dies Fighting Gunman To Save Women.

Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima is the epitome of a hero

#3 Shameless Deed Gets A Response.

#3 Shameless Deed Gets A Response.

Cruelty can never be continued for long. Almost always, humanity gives it back to it. In Brazil, a gunman got hold of a woman. The gunman, identified as 49-year-old Luiz Antonio da Silva was then attacked back by a homeless guy, namely Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima.

#2 Benevolence Still Prevails.

#2 Benevolence Still Prevails.

Lima, 61 year old couldn't see any devil and went for the rescue of that helpless women and in the process be ceased to exist taking one of the two bullets right through his chest. Though he could manage to help the women let go off from Silva's grip, his bravery proved that humanity exists.

See how these events unfolded in the video ahead..

#1 Prayers For The Brave.

Inspite of yhe fact that the incident took place at São Paulo Cathedral, tourist spot, no one came up but Lima who couldn't survive those bullets. People are reaching out to pay hostage to the brave and asking for a proper burial for his courageous and chivalrous deed.

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