Here's Why Men's Shirt Buttons Are On The Right While Women Have Them On The Left

The Curious case of the buttons

#4 Women Were Dressed By Servants And Men Dressed Themselves

#4 Women Were Dressed By Servants And Men Dressed Themselves

Fashion has come a long way over the centuries. From the suffocating corsages to the sagging pants of today, we have seen it all. In the early 1900s women would send their body measurements to their designers by sending replica dolls to them, the designers would then design clothes for the dolls and send them back. Such a difficult and expensive process ensured that fashion was something that only the rich and elite enjoyed. Even today most of the expensive brands out there are only available to the rich and powerful. The common man cannot even think about being able to afford such clothing. But there is one piece of clothing that has existed for centuries that everyone could afford and still perseveres today.

That piece of clothing is your average everyday shirt. While the shirt has existed since the time of the middle ages, it only began being used in the way it is today in the late 19th century. Before that shirts were seen as under-garments not fit for public wear. While the original shirt shared a lot of similarities with a woman's chemise it was the mans shirt that went on to become the shirt that we know today. But then who decided that women's shirts would be different? Why would they do that?

Here we have tried to keep in mind the history and all the factors affecting this decision to come up with a suitable answer. The first one might just be the fact that women had servants who would put their clothes on for them, this arrangement of buttons benefited the servants immensely. Go to the next page to see more and find the truth behind this mystery.

#3 Women Rode Sidesaddle On The Horse While Men Sat Astride

#3 Women Rode Sidesaddle On The Horse While Men Sat Astride

As we walk down the history of shirts we see times change, and with the changing times so does fashion. Women were treated differently from men throughout history, this is just one of the reasons their clothing was also differentiated. While heading into combat, men sat astride and rode on the left side of the road so that they could use their right hand to hold swords.

They would draw these swords from their left hip and the left side had to overlap the right to prevent the hilt of the sword from getting stuck in the coat or shirt. Women, on the other hand, sat sidesaddle to the left, like they do on cycles and bikes these days. Buttoning on the left did not allow any wind to enter into their shirts. The woman could protect her dignity in this way. Go to the next page as we step out into modern world and try to look at this problem from a new perspective.

#2 Women Wanted to Prove That They Are Equal To Men And Yet Different

#2  Women Wanted to Prove That They Are Equal To Men And Yet Different

With the growth of feminism and the education of women, women began to see just how unjustly they were treated. As the practicality of wearing a shirt became clear it began to be adopted by women as well. While women wanted to prove that they were equal to men they still wanted to maintain their own unique sense of style. The shirts are just their way of saying that we are the same yet different. Go to the last page to see the reason which is probably closest to being the truth.

#1 Manufacturers & Producers Wanted To Keep This Difference

#1 Manufacturers & Producers Wanted To Keep This Difference

Shirts became more and more popular as time passed. Stylish and practical shirts became the need of the hour. As the demand for such shirts increased their production amount increased. As shirts went into mass production Manufacturers needed to make minor changes in designs for both sexes to tell them apart. And just like that the different button settings were begun. Share this article if it gave you some insight into your favorite garb.

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