Here's How To Seal A Bag Of Chips Without A Clip. I Never Knew It Was This Simple!

All these years and it was right in front of me! What a cool trick!

#4 Chips!

#4 Chips!

From Lays to Golden Flake, chips are a trend that have taken over the world. And why not? They're the perfect snack for any occasion you can think of - as sides for your meal, an impulse snack, binge watching sessions and well binge drinking sessions too!

#3 The Packaging

#3 The Packaging

With that been said, let me point out the packaging chips around the world come in. It's not the best of innovations man has come up with, in fact, I'd be apt to call it one of the worst even!

You tear open your favorite big pack of chips, munch on some and feel full after a while. But what about the rest of them? You want to have them later but you can't because the pack wont seal again. Then you have to resort to rudimentary measures like folding, taping, stapling all of which end in the chips getting soggy, losing much of their crunch (which is their prime appeal).

Yes, I have been there as have you. Theres a conventional way to get around it and an even cheaper trick. Read on to find out!

#2 The Chip Clip

#2 The Chip Clip

Meet the chip clip. This little thing you can pick up at the store to keep your half-eaten chip bags fresh as ever.

Or you could read on and find out this amazing trick YouTube user SF Globe has for us!

#1 The Hack

This is so simple and obvious I was asking myself why I never though of it! You will too! No more spending money on those stupid clips when you can do it yourself. Enjoy the video and share this cool trick with your friends.

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