He Presses Bubble Wrap Against A Window - And I'm Pretty Sure You Will Too When You See Why

Winter is coming. Make sure you're prepared!

#3 Beat The Weather!

#3 Beat The Weather!

Winter can be a trying time for everyone. No matter how many layers of clothing we wear we always seem to be cold. Snow in and around the house can make simply walking seem like a task. Normal shoes get wet and squishy and ruined, while other vehicles such as your car or cycle find themselves unable to get traction on the roads. Well, we can't make the winter season go away just yet, but we can give you these cool hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier this winter.

And you haven't even heard the best part yet, these solutions come to you at as low a price as possible! The upcoming video has been bought to you by the savings experiment who try to provide you simple life hacks with as little expenditure as possible. So with these simple almost free hacks you can beat the cold this winter season! You'll be rolling in the summer heat and working on that tan before you even know it. Just go to the next page to find out what they are.

#2 Cheaper Draft Blockers

#2 Cheaper Draft Blockers

Frugal is definitely the new cool once you look at these awesome hacks. This time saving hack helps you get rid of wet shoes without having to pray for some sunlight. Just put some dry newspaper in your shoe and relax as it soaks up all the water. No more ruined shoes! and you didn't even have to spend any money on it!

Need to insulate the doors to stop the wind? A store bought draft blocker can cost you about 15$. There is a simple an cheaper solution to this - Pipe insulators. Pipe insulators can be bought at just about any hardware merely for a 1.50$. What next? Ah! those pesky windows! Go to the next page to see how to handle them. Watch the video and see all these solutions in action on the next page.

#1 Watch It Yourself And Learn

Bubble wrap on the windows keeps the cold out of your home. Not only does bubble wrap keep the cold air out it also helps keep the heat inside.Want more hacks? Subscribe to the savings experiment and share this video to help all of your friends beat the the cold this winter.

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