He Goes To A Cave Everyday. What He Does There Will Blow Your Mind!

Simply astonishing!

#3 Christopher Maloney

#3 Christopher Maloney

Meet Ra Paulette, an extremely talented yet shy and nervous man who left the entire world thrilled with what he did! When his work was first acknowledged, soon it become viral for all right reasons ! He does his best work underground which is sure to leave you amazed

So, this man visited a cave almost everyday. What he did inside will absolutely leave you thrilled.

#2 One Word. INCREDIBLE!

#2 One Word. INCREDIBLE!

He has been following the same routine for 25 years now! From about past 25 years, Ra Paulette has been carving out man-made caves from the sandstone hills of New Mexico, and then sculpting these spaces into works of art he calls wilderness shrines.

It is simply astonishing! Watch the entire video of these sculptures in the video ahead

#1 The Video

Well, nobody knows why does he do that..But its absolutely wonderful. Look at the creativity he has..I am spellbound with the beauty of his work and no doubt he has utilized 25 years of his life incredibly!! Check out the entire video here..

Share this video excessively and let the world know about this wonderful artist. He deserves it absolutely

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