Guy Caught On Camera Drugging Women At Bars. But It's What Happened Next That Really Shocked Me.

You need to see this.

#3 Help Spread Awareness

#3 Help Spread Awareness

How safe are you at your local bar? With all of your friends around do you really feel like it is impossible for someone to try something dangerous? For a complete stranger to put a drug in your drink. It is actually not even that difficult as this upcoming video will show you.

How often do you keep an eye on your drink? When it is being given to you, when you are taking a sip. But probably not all the time. This is what the video alerts you about. In this social experiment, Joey Salads sets to show just how easy and quick it is to drug someone's drink. The goal is to raise awareness of this issue, and for us all to pay more attention to our drinks as well as our friends' drinks while we are out. Watch this video on the next page.

#2 Keep A Watchful Eye

#2 Keep A Watchful Eye

Date rape is a form of acquaintance rape. The two phrases are often used interchangeably, but date rape specifically refers to a rape in which there has been some sort of romantic or potentially sexual relationship between the two parties.Date rape drugs are most commonly used to sexually assault a person. The drugs often have no color, smell, or taste and are easily added to drinks without the victim's knowledge.

It's hard to know whether a party, club, or concert you plan to go to will be dangerous. Drugs may not be at every party you go to, but you should still have a plan for keeping yourself and your friends safe no matter what.Merely keeping a watchful eye out can make all the difference in the world. Watch the video on the next page and learn just how this man was able to execute this disgusting deed.

#1 The Video

Appearances can be deceiving. Never trust someone who gets too friendly from the get go.Never take a stranger up on the offer to go to a secluded location. One can never be too careful in these situations, share this video and the message. Don't let such a terrible thing happen to any of your friends.

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