Four Marines Reunite After 50 Years But When You Look Closer To The Picture


The Vietnam war is indeed the most controversial wars in the history of America. The idea of sending young boys miles away to fight wars is surely a bitter pill. And if you're going as a marine, there are even fewer chances of returning back alive!

But these four got lucky enough to return back to their place. And this is when they thought of reuniting again!

Reunion with friends is surely one crazy thing. It brings a lot of memories that were created ages back together!

These pictures dates back to May 1966 when they had their share of little fun on the shores!

And this one is the recent one when they met again to recreate the magic! All of them planned the trip to the same place, this time with a photographer to do a professional photoshoot for recreating the same memories!

Keep reading to check out their best picture from the reunion! And don't miss out on the video of the reunion at the last!

And here's the bang! Even after having gray hairs and wrinkled skin and undefined stomachs now, the picture is perfect because they're together again. It's hard to believe that the photo on the left is before the Vietnam War and the right one is after it, and between them, the whole life had happened!

Go ahead and check out their special video ahead

Check out their reunion video here. It will surely make you feel nostalgic!

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