Ever Wondered What The Hole In The Middle Of The Spaghetti Spoon Is For ?

Turns out this handy kitchen gadget has more uses than we thought!

#3 Look at the spoon more carefully

#3 Look at the spoon more carefully

Well, how many times have you cooked your pasta just sufficient for that one meal? I don't really know about anyone else but not once in my entire life, had I cooked the pasta in the appropriate proportion!

Ever wondered what the hole in the middle of the spaghetti spoon is meant for? Well, it seems it has more to do than just drain the excess water from the pasta! Let's find out what's more to the story!

#2 The Best Kitchen Gadget

#2 The Best Kitchen Gadget

Not only does it lets you scoop the pasta and drain the excess amount of water from the tomato sauce to make your pasta delectable, but it is also the the best guide!

Well, the hole in the middle of the spoon is actually meant for taking out the correct proportion of pasta from the packet! It is the best guide to the person cooking the pasta on portion sizes.

Read ahead to know how to use it like a measuring spoon

#1 Measure your spaghetti

#1 Measure your spaghetti

One stack of spaghetti is known to be a standard measurement for one person! So, if you're cooking for more than one person, repeat the process. Obviously, the measurement might not fit for everyone, but then it serves as the best proportion unit!

Had I known this before, my life would've been a lot more easier! Share the post with your friends and make them aware of this hidden treasure in the kitchen

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