Enormous Fossilised 'Supershark' Unearthed In Texas

We need to be glad it's just a fossil and not the real thing itself.

#3 This is a ultimate shark fanatic's dream come true.

#3 This is a ultimate shark fanatic's dream come true.

If you are a fan of the Jaws movies series or any shark-themed movie, you are gonna love reading about this.

There has been a discovery! A major discovery that will chill you to the bones.

Something that will make you go...


It's as real as Donald Trump's presidential race.

#2 Ladies and Gentleman meet the Megladon!

#2 Ladies and Gentleman meet the Megladon!

The Megladon is a famous extinct species of shark. It's said that they can grow up to 18 meter's long!

Don't believe me?Well, there's proof now!

A Megladon fossil of 8 meters length has been found in Texas! Wondering how it got there? Read on!

#1 It Once Swam Off The Coast Of Texas?!

#1  It Once Swam Off The Coast Of Texas?!

It's said that during the Carboniferous period, this shark(the one's fossil that was found) must have swam off the coast of Texas.This happened about 300 million years ago!

I don't know about you, I for one am glad it's extinct. I don't think one would live to tell its tale after seeing it. Not alive at least.

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