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While you’re on the road driving your vehicle, have you ever been caught by a cop? The terror is real, isn’t it? No matter how clean you are, the way they look at you makes you feel like you’ve surely committed a crime. And the moment they start inspecting your vehicle is something that scares the pants off. But ever wondered why they touch the tail light of your car? Check out!

Here is the reason

Here is the reason

As per a statement on, “the custom of touching a tail light really backpedals to past times worth remembering of policing the expressways. Prior to the development of dash cams, policemen were super subtle with their strategies. They may be considered as the slanted cops or the ones doing anything unlawful but actually, these law authorization officers really wanted to get the driver or travelers unprepared.”

It was further said in the statement that, “It’s normal for individuals to attempt and shroud their illegal medications or firearms directly after they are grabbed by a cop. Tapping the tail light has the advantage of starting these culprits before they can wrap up their reserve of sick gotten products.”

It is also believed that the cops tend to touch the lights as by any chance if you backfire at the cop or try to assault him, his finger prints will be imprinted on your tail light and this way he has an evidence against you.

But you need not worry much as this custom was practiced many years ago and doesn’t really exists in today’s time. As earlier, it was even taken that by tapping the tail light the cops could check whether the light is undamaged or not.

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