Do You Know People In The Past Had Some Pretty Extreme Body Modifications Done? Have A Look!

They did it in the name of gods, religion, culture and status. What do you think of them?

#3 Body Modifications

#3 Body Modifications

Many of us are familiar with modern day body alterations and modification. It's become so common, it's not so quite shocking any more.

But did you know body modifications are actually present throughout history?

Though it was quite different from today, it was present all the same.

#2 Not an option

#2 Not an option

To many people who practiced these body modifications, they were seldom given an option. They had to undergo the process whether they liked it or not.

And most willingly went ahead with it. They did it in the name of religion, gods and pride.

But the process was very painful.

#1 Nothing like you have seen

From feet binding, chest binding to mouth rings, the history is scattered with such modification processes and rituals.

And all this was followed during a time when there was no painkillers! The amount of pain one had to undergo due to this without any too brutal to imagine.

Watch the video to see them all!

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>> Do You Know People In The Past Had Some Pretty Extreme Body Modifications Done? Have A Look!