Diver Doesn't Understand What Seal Wants Until It Grabs His Hand

The seal certainly isn't shy

Diving is the most amazing experience there can ever be! The life of the organisms who live under water is definitely serene. However, when they meet human, they tend to interact in their own way which is really amazing to see!

The diver Gary Grayson who was diving in the waters off the Scilly Isles in the United Kingdom was stunned when he was joined by the two grey seals who wanted to tell him something!

He tried to comprehend what they were trying to tell him, but couldn't get through!

Definitely, the seals weren't a bit shy! One of them swam up to Grayson and touched its nose to his. Gary still didn’t understand what the seal wanted.

Finally, one of the seals did something that made him realise what they want! Read on to know what he did next. And don't miss out on the video in the end! It's really amazing!

When Gary stretched out his hand, the seal took hold of it and pulled it to its stomach. That means that the seal simply wanted to cuddle—and be scratched on the belly! And, she wasn't even a bit shy to ask for it!

Watch the entire sequence in the video ahead!

See how the seal makes this diver cuddle it! It's really adorable

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