Dad Offers Man Who Raped His Daughter a Ride Home. Then He Grabs the Machete

He should of got a lot more cut off...

#3 Dad's Anger

#3 Dad's Anger

Is it justified to do one wrong to set another wrong right? We all are filled with anger and rage when we see injustice meted out in front of us. But do we have the courage to speak against it? It is perhaps this muteness on our part that the wrong doers get too much of audacity to commit the crime.

The justice system of our country is not preventive but punitive. It needs to be stringent enough to prevent the occurrence of the crime in the first place, but what to do until it is rectified.

#2 Justice system

#2 Justice system

This is the potent question that a father faced when he saw the rapist of his daughter walk free from the court room without any stringent punishment.

The father believed in the court of law to punish the culprit who ruined his daughter's life by demolishing her modesty and raping her. But when the rapist who was a 17 year old minor was left to walk free the father could no longer suppress his anger and disgust.

Check the video ahead!

#1 The Video

He gave a lift to the rapist from the court to his village and in stopped his bike to claim justice for his daughter by chopping off the hands of the rapist.

Was he justified in doing so?

Well, it reminds me of this!

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