An Abandoned Toddler Found Crying In The Middle Of The Mall Left Everyone Shattered!

A truly heart-breaking story!

#5 Who is an Abandoned Child?

#5 Who is an Abandoned Child?

Before starting with the story, you all must know who are ABANDONED CHILDREN?

According to UNICEF, an abandoned child is defined as the one who does not live with their either parent, does not have a permanent residence, and even doesn’t know where their next meal will be coming from.

Strange! But this is a sad story about the people in South America. More than 13 million abandoned kids living in Brazil.

One such devastating situation got recorded in CCTV camera in a mall which goes viral in a very short period of time.

#4 People’s Reaction to the video

#4 People’s Reaction to the video

Many people reacted after watching the video and said things like:

“What a heartbreaking story it is, Thank God someone was there to stop him before he could move out alone!”

“How a mom could have left her child all alone in the crowd?”

To know what was inside that video, which has moved the heart of many people watching, read next!

#3 Totally Devastating Reality

#3 Totally Devastating Reality

One of the closed circuit cameras in a Brazilian shopping mall captured a couple abandoning their child.

This video features a man walking into the mall taking a small child wearing a pair of shorts and a vest with a woman. And, then the man turned around and left the child, suddenly after him the lady holding that baby also left from there heading into the opposite direction.

Child started following the man, but luckily one of the bystanders notified a security officer there and informed them about this. Thank God, otherwise the child could have wandered away!

Read next to see what the cops have done in this whole story!

#2 Action Taken By Cops

#2 Action Taken By Cops

Official after their investigation said that the man who is believed to be the child’s father worked as a waiter in one of the restaurant at the same mall, and is accusing his mother of abandoning the child. He’s in custody now, and the woman in the video is still missing, cops are trying to locate that lady.

To continue reading and watching the video click next!

#1 Watch Out This Video

These children easily become victims of violet crimes like human trafficking, selling and consuming drugs and committing robbery even. How said it is!

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