Alaskan Man Is Feeding A Huge Flock Of Bald Eagles, Then The Camera Pans Left


#3 Bald Eagles

#3 Bald Eagles

Have you ever witnessed a dozen of bald eagles at one place? Well, get ready for an awesome treat for your eyes in this post!!

These rare breed of eagles are really fascinating to see! Mostly, spotting even a single such bird is a stroke of luck, but what this man does is something really enticing!

#2 Alaskan Fisherman

#2 Alaskan Fisherman

While for most people it is very difficult to even spot one of these rare birds, but it is not the case for this Alaskan Fisherman who's enjoying feeding them!

Also, it's not just one or two of them, there are about three dozen bald eagles together at one place!

Undoubtedly, it's a rare sight to behold! Go ahead to check out the awesome video if you don't believe it!

#1 Watch the beautiful video here

Alaskan Fisherman named Jessie Peek says it's just another day for him while feeding these rare birds! He says it's a common sight in Alaska! But, what a beautiful watch!

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