After Watching This 6 Second Video, You'll Never Want To Smoke Again

Want someone to give up smoking? Make them watch this

#3 6 Seconds To Freedom

#3 6 Seconds To Freedom

Everyone agrees that smoking is a bad habit, even smokers themselves. But what can really make them stop? What can really make a smoker want to give up smoking? Half the solution to solving any problem is to recognize the problem.

If a smoker understand that what he has is a problem and not just a bad habit, it can make all the difference. So what miracle can do that? What miracle can make a smoker realize that he has a problem? Looking at their own lungs, and realizing just how much worse they are making it with every puff. This 6 second video does exactly that. It brings a smoker face to face with his or her own worst nightmare. Watch it and get rid of that bad habit in 6 seconds.

#2 What You Do To Your Lungs

#2 What You Do To Your Lungs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth a million. The video shows a group of scientists conducting an experiment, as they always seem to do. They recreated 2 sets of human lungs, one that belongs to a smoker, another that belongs to a non-smoker. Being scientists the depictions they created are as close to real lungs as you can get. They then proceeded to fill the lungs up with air.

The healthy lungs look pink and fill up to their complete capacity. The specimen looks healthy and with so much air in its lungs the human would probably be very happy. The smoker lungs look like they have been made from stone and ash. The lungs look a completely disturbing black and grey. When filled with air the smokers lungs don't even reach half the capacity of the healthy ones. Don't just take our word for it, watch the video yourself on the next page. It will only take 6 seconds.

#1 Make The Right Choice

The blackened smokers lungs look like they came from an orc or another such monster and not a human. Watch this video and see just how much damage you are doing to your lungs by smoking, not just while smoking, but even when you breathe in fresh air. You make it impossible for your lungs to work to their full capacity with just one cigarette. Make the right choice now.

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