After Guests Check Out, Here's What Hotels Really Do With The Used Soap

Whoa, that's some new information!

Seasoned travellers know that there are some mini treasures waiting for them in the hotel room as soon as they check into the hotel. Yes, we are talking about the toiletries that are placed in the hotel rooms by the hotel staff.

These really come in handy if you forgot to pack your favourite soap bar! But have you ever wondered what happens to the soaps that you leave behind as you check out of the hotel?

Well, we are assuming you're not Ross from FRIENDS who packs up all the toiletries that are given to you by the hotel!

So, we mean, have you ever wondered what the hotel does of the leftover soaps in the rooms?

The cleaning staff comes into the room after you've checked out. And then, what happens to the used soap that you've left behind depends on the hotel chain you're staying at!

Normally, the used soap is thrown out. But those brand new bars of soap which are unused can be tossed out, too!

Shawn Seipler, a CEO and a frequent traveller, was horrified when he found out about all the waste and then decided to do something about it.

Watch the video to know what happens with the soap!

Here's the video

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