A Student Left His Whole Class Speechless When He Said THIS.My Jaw Dropped!

When a medical emergency occurred in the middle of a high school graduation ceremony, the attendees waited silently, fearful of what was to come next. As the hushed and worried murmurs of the crowd rippled throughout, Clay-Chalkville High School senior Christian Crawford felt the nudge of a faculty

#3 Graduation Ceremony

#3 Graduation Ceremony

When everyone was engrossed in the graduation ceremony, a certain medical emergency created some agitation, which instantly left the coordinators confused and nervous. Meanwhile, when the faculties sensed the agitation riffling through the crowd, one of them quickly made his way through the lines and slowly nudged his most promising student; Christian Crawford.

Christian Crawford is a senior student in Chalkville High School and possessed some extraordinary orator qualities. That he not only was an excellent and warm speaker, but was also an apple in the eyes of his friends. He was known for his tranquil attitude and grounded nature and was loved by all.

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