A Stanford Professor Says Eliminating 2 Phrases From Your Vocabulary Can Make You More Successful

See things as they really are.

#4 The Secret

#4 The Secret

Everyone wants a better life. A better job, better home, lesser problems, but nobody knows how. Everyone wonders what the secret is.

The secret to success. That is exactly what we are here to tell you today. Proffesor Bernard Roth has spent his life teaching youngsters these secrets. Over the years he has perfected them.

Here are the secrets behind success for you to know and put into use...

#3 'But' to 'And'

#3 'But' to 'And'

The secret? It's as simple as changing a few words. The words you say and hear determine how and what you think about a certain topic. Simply swapping two words can make all the difference.

You might be tempted to say, "I want to go to the movies, but I have work to do."
Instead, Roth suggests saying, "I want to go to the movies, and I have work to do."

He writes: "When you use the word but, you create a conflict (and sometimes a reason) for yourself that does not really exist." In other words, it's possible to go to the movies as well as do your work you just need to find a solution. Meanwhile, when you use the word and, "your brain gets to consider how it can deal with both parts of the sentence," Roth writes. Maybe you'll see a shorter movie; maybe you'll delegate some of your work.

#2 'Have to' to 'Want to'

#2 'Have to' to 'Want to'

Roth recommends a simple exercise: The next few times you say "I have to" in your mind, change have to want."This exercise is very effective in getting people to realize that what they do in their lives - even the things they find unpleasant - are in fact what they have chosen," he says.

For example, one of Roth's students felt he had to take the math courses required for his graduate program, even though he hated them. At some point after completing the exercise, he realized that he really did want to take the classes because the benefit of completing the requirement outweighed the discomfort of sitting through classes he didn't enjoy. Now watch this Harvard Professor explain the key to confidence.

#1 The Video

Both of these tweaks are based on a key component of a problem-solving strategy called "design thinking." When you employ this strategy, you try to challenge your automatic thinking and see things as they really are.

And when you experiment with different language, you may realize that a problem isn't as unsolvable as it seems, and that you have more control over your life than you previously believed.

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