A Garbage Man Didn't Know He Was On Camera, What They Caught Him Doing Took My Breath Away

You don't see this every day.

Often, we say that kindness and love is seemingly lost from the world. It's rare to find loving people around. But when you find someone adorable, you make sure you share their kindness with the world. Isn't it?

Same happened with Joshua Byrne. He captured the most adorable moment with his camera. The garbage man didn't know that he was on the camera. He came to Joshua's house and came out of the vehicle!

Next what happened will amaze you! Seriously, you won't be expecting this at all. I mean, what more can you expect from the garbage man who comes by to pick up garbage every other day?

This time he didn't drop by to pick the garbage. He had a different motive in mind. Keep reading to know what he did!

So, as he came out of the car, a golden retriever came running towards him. They shared an adorable moment together. You could tell from their mutual familiarity that it wasn't the first time they are meeting! Well, you guessed that right!

Joshua, who took this video sneakingly told everyone about the same. In the post, he wrote

Every week the garbage man takes time (2 quality minutes) to see my pup and say hi. Who said that nice people are hard to find?’

So, now, tell, who said that it's difficult to find good people around.

Have a look at this cute video!

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