A Commercial Arousing the feeling of Patriotism

Though it only aired one time during Super Bowl XXXVI, many people never forget seeing it. Should never have been removed.

9/11 is a memorable date in the history of the United States of America and all of the worlds that make you remember the greatest attack happened 15 years ago. It also arouses the deep down inside feeling of patriotism and unity in every single American citizen.

As an act of remembrance, the well-known brand Budweiser aired a commercial worth remembering. This commercial features the signature animals of the brand i.e. Clydesdales running all over the city in America and finally came across a park overlooking the missing twin towers.

In the commercial, the signature Clydesdales of the brand Budweiser can be seen running all across the Statue of Liberty, the famous Brooklyn Bridge along with the snowy land.

The signature animals are also seen paying their tribute to the missing twin towers ahead.

The climax of the commercial simply turned into an emotional set of appeal made by the Clydesdales by stopping in the park overlooking the missing twin towers. They simply bow down to it in order to pay their heartiest tribute to the most memorable buildings.

Such a commercial is a true sign of never ending love for America by its citizens and also their unity. They feel proud of their existence and emotional appeal towards the nation.

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