92% People Failed To Count The Number Of Squares. Are You Among Them?

Count the number of square in image, and check answers here.

#2. Count the squares in below image

#2. Count the squares in below image

Count the numbers of squares in Image, Most of people Fail in this test.

This is one of those popular pictures on sites like Facebook. It can be huge variation of answers such as 8, 9, 16, 17, 24, 28, 30, 40, 41, 52 etc, 92% people answer wrong to this question.

Comment your answer in below comment box before checking the correct answer.

Check correct answer on next page...

#1. Check the video to count all squares in image

Correct answer is: 40

4*4+3*3+2*2+1*1=30. Also there is an extra 10 square in middle so there is 40 squares.

Let's assume the smallest square side is 0.5 cm in length.
Now count the squares with different length:
0.5cm : 8
1cm : 16 +2 (in the middle)
2cm : 9
3cm : 4
4cm : 1
Total : 40

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