80-Year-Old Grandmother Opens Fire, Kills Home Invader Who Was Stabbing Her Husband

Wow...that is a sad and scary situation.

#3 Encouraging

#3 Encouraging

80-year fighting it like an eighteen; it will astound you!

Young people like us are often need to fly to different places due to our demanding Jobs and thus we end up staying away from our home and parents. Due to this urbanization, old couples, who find it difficult to detach themselves from their roots and want to spend their retired lives peacefully, have no option but to live on their own.

#2 Astounding!

#2 Astounding!

This has become quite common and so has cruel eyes waiting to invade them. These old couples staying alone, away from cities in small towns are the most common and easy targets for robbers and invaders. One such recent case astonished every one, where an 80-year old not just fought an invader to death but also saved her dying husband.

Catch the video ahead!

#1 The Video

The 80-year old women lived with her 75-year old husband un their house on their own. A robber who invaded their house tried to kill the husband by stabbing him with a knife. The 80-year old was quick enough to grab a gun to shield herself and intelligent enough to save her husband as well. Wasting no time she opened a fire and what happened next was astounding. Her husband was flied to Seattle for further treatment and the robber was declared dead by the doctors.

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