8 signs that you are not drinking enough water

Water is an important source for us to survive as it keeps the inner workings of our body in top shape. Water keeps us hydrated only in its pure form.

#8 Frequent Urination

#8 Frequent Urination

Water is one of the most important substances on earth.If there was no water there would be no life on earth.

A human being urinates 6-7 times a day. This number varies from person to person as some drink more water than others. If you dont drink enough every day, you can feel fatigued thus dehydration develops. This is a life-threatening condition. Drinking too much water can be problematic, however, if it leads to the need to urinate frequently. By achieving a balance between water intake and urination or recognizing the symptoms of an underlying urinary disorder, you can stay healthy. Continue reading for more...

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