5 Things Only iPhone Users Can Do

There lies the difference!

The App store is any day better than the Play store. Even Google makes better apps for iPhone users because they make more money than their play store equivalent. Whenever any new app is set to launch, even the developers prioritise the app for App store! Don't believe me? Prisma was launched on iPhone before it was made available on Playstore!

While Android gives you a lot of customization, iPhone makes its specifications user-friendly, it's really convenient to use. There's a reason iPhone users brag about their superior phones!

iPhone users get frequent and instant updates on all their apps! The bugs are fixed very frequently for the iPhone users while it takes months to fix meagre issues on Playstore

There's absolutely no doubt that iPhones are more secure than the Android phones. Android is any easy target for hackers while iPhones are rarely hacked

The best thing about iPhones are that you don't get frequent intrusive ads running on your apps to divert you attention!

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