17 Little-Known Secrets From The 'Game Of Thrones' Cast.

Game of Thrones is finally back and I'm pretty sure us nerds all around the world are happier because of it. We've got dragons, deception and murder to look forward to every Sunday night! It's a show that has a revolving door on cast members since so many of the characters die. It's hard to keep track of who's still on the show! You might know everything there is to know about the show but here are some things you probably don't know about the actors.

#17 What A Surprise.

#17 What A Surprise.

Richard Madden (Robb Stark) was not having any idea that his character in the series is going to die. He accidentally found it out while he was googling the character. He also didn't noticed it while reading the books.

He must have been shocked when he discovered that.

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