14 Amazing Things You Never Learned At School

I can't believe the school didn't teach me all that!

This is how you can you can prove Pythagoras’ theorem (a² + b² = c²)

No one ever told me in the school about the flowering of a dandelion.

Have you ever thought how a baby's face is developed inside the womb? Look at this amazing picture above!

That's the number of flights which take place in 24 hours! Much connectivity, isn't it?

Have you ever felt the swallowing of food? That's how it happens!

This is how the water refracts light! Ever knew that?

This is how the contents of the egg look like under the water!

You know you can do this with your computer

Have you ever had braces in your teeth? Well, then you can relate this feeling!

This is what happens when a star is drawn into a black hole!

The size of the Earth in comparison to the largest known star in the universe, the hypergiant Canis Major:

This is what happens when you apply sunscreen on your face!

Well, this is the lock n key mechanism that we've been using since ages!

That's how your hands look just 3 seconds and 30 seconds after washing your hands

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