11 Reasons Why Meghan Markle Will Never Last As A Royal

Meghan Markle is by far one of the most popular celebrities to come out of the woodwork. Before her romance with Prince Harry, no one really knew who she was, unless you watched her USA legal drama, Suits. It is hard to imagine an actress entering the world of the British royal family. As we all know, the royal family is a family like no other. The moment you step out of line, they will spit you out like a stale piece of buttercream sponge cake.

While the future Royal is making all the right moves as a fashionista and a global icon she might not ever become Queen of England.

As much as we'd like Meghan to sit on the Royal throne it might never happen for the former actress. Prince Harry is now fifth in line to the throne of England and even if he did get the title of King, Meghan might never be accepted as a Queen owing to her background and past. With that being said, here are few reasons why so..

1.The Queen doesn't like her?

1.The Queen doesn't like her?

Reports emerged a few weeks ago that the Queen is not too thrilled with Harry's choice of bride. And people believe if the Queen does have problems with Meghan she can make sure Meghan never gets to sit on the Royal throne.

2.More Restrictions

Meghan Markle is already feeling the restrictions that have been put on her life. The royal family has made it clear that she needs to be more of a private than public person. Meghan was forced to shut down her lifestyle blog, The Tig. She’s also stopped interacting with her fans on social media. Meghan is no longer posting or sharing photos on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

As a matter of fact, Meghan’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have been deactivated and wiped out all together. Her entire social media presence is gone and we have a feeling that this wasn’t up to her. As a royal, Meghan is already learning that she needs to play by the Queen’s rules, whether she likes it or not.

3.Deal With Jealousy

Speaking of Kate Middleton, there’s a good chance that she might already be jealous of all the attention Meghan Markle has been getting in the press. There’s no way that the Duchess will allow Meghan to push her out of the spotlight that she loves so much.

It’s the attention she gets from the media that she loves the most about her job. It’ll be interesting to see if Kate will make a little room for Meghan. So far it hasn’t happened and according to critics, they are not holding their breath.

4.A total rebel

4.A total rebel

Meghan is a total trailblazer and has been very smart about calling all the shots and blazing through Royal protocols. In fact Meghan has been very careful about her image as she is giving up a lot for a Royal future including her career. But she doesn't want to be known as a Royal puppet either.



Several reports claim that Meghan has changed tremendously after her Royal engagement and can't wait to leave her commoner life behind. Her Suits co-stars and distant relatives have revealed that Meghan is not in touch with them and has in fact detached from them. Reports also claim that Meghan is playing her newfound Royal role very shrewdly which had labeled her as an attention-seeker and has in a way affected her claims to the throne.

6.Dysfunctional family

She comes from a broken home. Meghan's parents divorced when she was young and not just that, her father also has children with another woman. This is somewhat uncomfortable for the Royals especially considering the fact that Meghan is a commoner. An American woman of divorced working-class parents can't possibly make the Queen very thrilled. Even she was married before and later divorced.

The Royal family's history with divorcees is quite embarrassing. Though the rules are more relaxed now the Royal family can't be too thrilled about Meghan's divorce. Especially since the marriage ended just a few years back.

7.Anti-feminine wardrobe

7.Anti-feminine wardrobe

Meghan is in no mood to be the pretty trophy wife to Harry and if she does become Queen she would obviously be a tour de force. For all of her Royal outings, Meghan has opted for bold masculine colours and androgynous cuts, and this was quite a shock to people who are used to Kate's understated elegance. But Meghan is obviously trying to make her own statements even through fashion.

8.Meghan's past projects

Meghan left behind a successful acting career to become a Royal but some of her roles have been too controversial. Not only has she been a part of intimate sequences in more than one of her projects but her roles are bound to make the Royal family very uncomfortable.

She was also s famous briefcase girl for the game show Deal or No Deal. Her job was to stand in a podium with a number of other girls holding a briefcase which might have a prize. It's safe to say no briefcase girl has even been a Royal before.

9.Difference Of Opinion

It’s without a doubt that for someone like Meghan Markle, this is going to be hard. After all, she used to be one of the most outspoken actresses in the entertainment world. She had her opinions and she wasn’t afraid to speak out about them, regardless of what they were. But that will soon end . Whenever a national or international tragedy occurs, many Hollywood actors and actresses like to voice their support on social media. she supported women’s rights, and that she wanted to make the world a better place.

But now the only opinion that Meghan will have is the one that comes from her future husband’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Meghan Markle won’t even be able to grant an interview without it being pre-approved by the Queen of England herself. For someone like Meghan, that’s going to be frustrating for sure.

10.Adapt A Posh Persona

Speaking of sounding posh, Meghan Markle will have to adapt an entirely new posh persona, too. For someone like Meghan Markle, this might be hard because she always grew up as an outsider. She was never part of the “in” crowd, so to speak. But that’s all about to change. She is married to one of the most important men in the royal family and she’ll have to act the part as well.

She once said, “Just as black and white, when mixed, make grey, in many ways that's what it did to my self-identity: it created a murky area of who I was, a haze around how people connected with me. I was grey. And who wants to be this indifferent color, devoid of depth and stuck in.”

11.Bow Down To Kate Middleton

This has got to be toughest part of Meghan Markle’s future job. As the future Queen of England, there’s a strong possibility that Kate Middleton will make Meghan Markle bow down to her each and every time she steps inside a room. Now, we don’t know if Kate will make Meghan do this for sure, but one thing is for certain: the Duchess has seniority over her. And knowing Kate Middleton, she might want to exercise that seniority over Meghan.

After all, Kate will probably want to remind her new sister-in-law that she was there first. She knows the royal family better and longer and she knows what kind of games they play behind closed doors.. There’s only room for one Queen and so far Kate Middleton has made it pretty apparent that it’s for her.

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