Watch This Knife Specialist Make The Best Knife In the World With Molten Meteorite

Check out this spectacular process of the making of the worlds best knife that is made only from molten meteorite material

#2 Art In Motion

#2 Art In Motion

We have all heard of sword makers and specialists. People who create and maintain swords, treat them like works of art rather than weapons of war. But did you know about knife specialists? No? You just thought knives were used for cutting vegetables? Daggers designed for military usage in close combat have actually been carried by soldiers for thousands of years. Just like swords there are loads of knife enthusiasts and specialists.

One such enthusiast is Bob Kramer. He lives in the US and makes special knives for a living. His dream is to make the perfect knife. But this one comes pretty close to it. This knife is made with pure molten meteorite. Watching it being made is like watching art in motion. Go to the video on the next page and see for yourself

#1 Watch The Master At Work

Just like the old samurai masters in Japan, Bob Kramer is one of only 122 certified bladesmiths in the American bladesmith society. Knife making is a subtle art, the beauty of which is lost on the common public. But Bob Kramer doesn't take it personally.

He just takes his passion very seriously and demands excellence in both looks and sharpness from all of his knives. Watch the master create his masterpiece right in front of your eyes.

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