These Passengers Think It Is A Routine Flight, But Watch What Happens Moments After Landing

This is the best thing ever...

#4 Christmas

#4 Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and it's time to enjoy and have fun. If you re still stuck up with your daily work, stress and tensions, this is a Wake-Up Call for you and your family. This is the day that you spend with your family. You spread happiness. This is exactly what this airlines is doing. This has to be the best airline ever. This is how you make your customers happy.

This company sure knows how to make a name for themselves! There fares are very affordable and over all that, they did this for their customers. We need to see this and do something like this for everyone we love. After all, it is Christmas time. So do you wanna know what this Airline did for their customers? Keep reading ahead to know that...

#3 Marketing

#3 Marketing

Today, the world is about marketing. Everyone is concerned about marketing. If you want to promote yourself, you will have to market yourself perfectly. This airlines surely knows how to do that. No other airlines has done something like this till date. This is beyond what anyone would ever expect.

Passengers arrived ready to fly and were confronted with Santa, live on a screen. Yes, we have modern Santa here, this Santa loves technology. In fact, you'll see that he is going to take full advantage of it! Do you wanna know how? Keep reading it ahead.

#2 What Did Santa Do?

#2 What Did Santa Do?

So this Santa that we were talking about earlier, asked all the passengers about what exactly they want for Christmas? Both adults and children are prodded by Saint Nick and they give off answers ranging from big screen TV's to socks and underwear to the latest toys. All the passengers thought that this is just a fun gimmick by the airlines. But was it just a gimmick? What exactly was it? Check it out...

#1 The Video

Santa did something very touching. Santa took notes of everything that every passenger wants. Without wasting any time, he sent his elves to fetch these exact gits. When the passengers arrived at their destination, they all scurried to baggage claim as expected. But what came out of the baggage carousel was much more than just their luggage. They were in for a huge surprise. Check out the video to see it yourself.

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