I Buy Earrings Like This All The Time. But I Had No Idea I Was Using Them All Wrong!

This is the right way...

#3 Earrings

#3 Earrings

Jewellery is the most integral part of any women's life. If you wanna woo someone, just present her a good expensive earring. A women loves beautifully carved classy piece of jewellery. But do you know that most women in the world don't really know how to use an earring. They use it in a wrong way. But here we'll tell you the correct way of using it.

Have you ever bought earrings from the mall that have had that plastic bit on the back of them. What exactly do you do with that plastic then? Well, you probably would've thought that the plastic bit was part and parcel of the earring design, right? Well, you are in for a big surprise here. What exactly is that plastic thing? Is it useful? Check it out...

#2 The Plastic Add On

#2 The Plastic Add On

Yes, the plastic material that you get along with the earring is in fact not a part of it's design. It is an add on, designed to prevent the back of the earring from being lost in its packaging. You are expected to remove that before you start wearing the earring. Recently a woman on twitter called Chelsea Smith blew the internet away with this photo revelation she posted. Everyone around the world went crazy and this tweet was retweeted around 40,000 times. See how to remove that plastic in the video ahead.

#1 The Video

On a very serious note, it always felt weird whenever I saw someone wearing an earring with the plastic on, but I just presumed (like many others) that they were meant to be this way. Now that you know that you are supposed to remove that plastic, it's time we show you how to do that. Check out this video to see how you remove the plastic and wear an earring properly.

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