He Takes 40,000 Steps In The Snow. When The Camera Pans Out? I'm Speechless.

Simon Beck is one heckuva artist.

#3 Art Lovers

#3 Art Lovers

Are you an art lover? If yes, then this is definitely going to mesmerise you like it did to me. Art is something that you cannot steal or buy, it's gifted and developed. If you don't appreaciate art, your life is more empty then you realise.

This man, Simon Beck, started out this art form as an exercise (I know right?) and amazed even himself by making such beauty that the world is in awe with him.

PS: Can you imagine 5,000 steps in an hour? That's typically his workout.

#2 Unbelievable

#2 Unbelievable

"I just thought it was a bit of fun to do after a day of skiing," Beck says. "I just felt like I needed a bit of exercise... and decided to make a pattern in the snow. I had no idea how good it was going to look when I first made it. I was quite amazed when I saw it from the [ski] lift."

It started in 2004 for him as a hobby. Somebody truly said, don't run behind money. Run after your what gives you happiness, success will follow automatically.

Watch some of his wonderful designs like this one and more, and what he has to share on the next page!

#1 Beauty At Its Best

Mesmerised yet? :)

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