You Got 8 Siblings Home On Christmas, What Do You Do? Light Up The Internet Of Course!

Gotta tell you, I kinda liked those handknit sweaters......

#3 Tradition

#3 Tradition

It's going to be Christmas soon! And what is Christmas without a few old family traditions here and there?

Some families go to church, some make dishes and delicacies using old family recipes and so on. But here's one tradition that is definitely fun and entertaining, not to mention the internet is in love with it!

The secret recipe for this tradition? Mom's handknit Christmas sweaters and 8 siblings home for Christmas!

#2 5 Years!

#2 5 Years!

The 8 siblings who you are about to see, have had this tradition of theirs going for 5 years now. And each year is better than the last. And the one thing that remains constant- those sweaters!

Each year, the 8 siblings dance to their heart's content and each year there's something new to look forward to! And they sure didn't disappoint!

#1 All I want for Christmas.....

The siblings dance to Pentatonix "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" and Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas Is You," resulting in the most epic sibling dance routine ever!

Just when you think you have got a hang of what's happening, they surprise you with something completely different! They even threw in a Mannequin Challenge this time. Watch the video!

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