Trump changed the office decor and the internet can't stop talking about it.

His curtains are one of the most talked things online right now.

To all those who don't know, each incoming President has the option of restyling his Oval Office. The newly elected President Donald Trump has totally changed the style adopted by Barack Obama and everyone is excited.

The Oval Office has seen a witness to some of the most historic presidential moments. This is the very same place where some of the major foreign and domestic policy decisions are taken. Different presidents different styles.

Here can be seen, Kennedy opted for a blue and grey scheme to his Oval Office.

Richard Nixon had selected a simple scheme that had white curtains.

Here is a picture of President Richard Nixon with the white curtains in the background.

Take a look at the office during Obama's time on the next page.

George HW Bush had selected a blue scheme with cream and gray curtains.

Spotted in the picture is George Bush busy at work and the gray curtains in the background.

Obama had a diverse look on his mind. He had red curtains in his office. Here he is pictured sitting on his desk with red curtains behind him.

He also had an ornate rug with quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. and previous presidents. He had said to replace the Winston Churchill sculpture with one of Martin Luther King, Jr.

It's well-known that Donald Trump is known for his lavish lifestyle.He happens to be fan of gold.He seems to be prepared to bring some new changes to the office.

You can notice the changes in the office when he first got to work in the Oval Office and signed his first executive order.

Incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a tweet clarified that the MLK bust was very much in the Oval Office but just in a different spot.

The new look of Donald's office coming up ahead.

However,Donald Trump did keep some things similar to Obama's Oval Office and the proof is the Resolute desk. This is probably the most famous presidential desk.

Jimmy Carter,Bill Clinton,Ronald Reagan have all used this desk in their tenure.

Spotted here is President Donald Trump working on the desk.

Trump also insisted on having a sunburst gold and yellow rug. According to some sources, this is the full view of Trump's rug.

As a matter of fact, President Reagan and Bush used the same rug during their tenure which means Trump could have decided to use this rug in order to honour the legacy of beloved Republican Ronald Reagan.

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