Sisters Sing Birthday Song To Their Dad. Baby’s Reaction When He Blows Off The Candles Is Priceless…

Birthdays are fun and as children, we are quite excited about the celebration. The balloons and the cake and candles are the main attraction. These 6 girls sang for their dada a birthday song. The adorable kids were all enjoying the time but the moment their dad blew out the candles one of the babies gave an unexpected reaction and it definitely is the most adorable thing you will see today!

6 adorable daughters

6 adorable daughters

Whenever there's a birthday in the family we all participate in the little celebration. Here, this family was more than excited to celebrate a birthday. Six children were rounded up around the table to sing for their daddy.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

The song Happy Birthday has a really interesting past. Two sisters from Kentucky named Patty and Mildred Hill wrote this song in the late 1890s.

It was actually "Good Morning to you!"

It was actually

So this urban legend goes like, it was actually written, "Good morning to you" and then transitioned to "Happy birthday to you". It has only been 30 years that this version has been in practice.



The song Happy Birthday was first included in the songbook of the composer Robert H. Coleman. And now we all know the famous tune which is practiced all over the world. This family is celebrating with 6 daughters which makes it more special.

The Video

The girl on his left gave away an adorable reaction as soon as her dad blew off the candles, and it was priceless. Here's a video of the same, as the mom was recording a video the whole time.

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