Pink Duets With War Veteran, When They Revealed His Identity Everything Went For A Toss

Alecia Beth Moore aka Pink, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress, who is well known for her greatest hits, 'There You Go,' 'Raise Your Glass' and 'What About Us.' Alecia was inspired by the movie Reservoir Dogs, 'Mr. Pink.' Because of her tomboy personality, people have judged her wrong but her success has spoken volumes.

Special guest

Special guest

In one of her concerts, she announced that a special guest is going to join her from the audience. The audience was so excited about it, they all cheered in joy!

Jim More

Jim More

When a Vietnam veteran sneaked from the crowd, to join her for the performance. It was then that she announced that it was her dad, Jim More.



The whole crowd went crazy when the Vietnamese Veteran's identity was revealed. It was unbelievable that Pink's father was on stage, giving the performance with his daughter. The father-daughter duet had to mesmerize the crowd, with their amazing singing.

"I Have Seen The Rain"

When Jim was young and serving in Vietnam he wrote a song, "I Have Seen The Rain", he had no idea that he'll be performing the hit song, with her daughter 40 years later.

The video

Pink dedicates her success to her father because he supported her in all the ups and downs in her life. Inviting him on stage, was a way of showing gratitude to him. The video below of the duet is the affectionate moment that the father-daughter share.

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