Man Sings Soulful Male And Female Sections Of 'The Prayer'

If a song is made for 2 singers it can't be just sung by one. But some singers challenge themselves to pull off both parts of the song. A singer knows how hard it is to sing both sections, for which they dedicate their time in practice. It takes a lot of time to pull off such a complicated voice modulation.

Marcelito Pomoy is the vocalist who gave this amazing performance in which he sang both male and female parts of the song, "The Prayer". The most amazing thing is that he sang the song, with such precision, it sounded perfect!

There are very fewer singers who can sing both, tenor and soprano pieces of the song and Marcelito Pomoy is one of the talented ones. The performance of "The Prayer" is one example of the amazing talent of the singer.

Marcelito and his sister were adopted by a loving local police officer when he was just. And they had every opportunity to make the best out of it. As Marcelito grew older he realized that he can sing both the high and low pitches in a song.

This is when he decided to showcase his stunning vocal talent. He auditioned for the Pilipinas Got Talent and he impressed the world with his talent, because of which he won the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent.

The video

His music career levelled up and even had the chance to meet his biological parents. Marcelito then climbed the ladder of success as he became a renowned Artist. The video below will mesmerize you.

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