Little Baby hears favourite Elvis song at party and has the whole crowd cracking up at his moves

Forgetting all your problems and having a good old boogie, is one of the oldest and best ways to stay active, healthy and happy. The baby in this story has found the secret and Oh boy, he’s rocking!

Dancing is fun...

Dancing is fun...

Dancing is always fun and we always enjoy dancing be it ourselves or watching others dance.

You’re never too old or even too young to start trying out your moves on the dance floor.



This talented two-year-old did exactly what he wanted to do when a classic Elvis song came on.

He took the audience by surprise!

William Stokkebroe

William Stokkebroe

Since he's been watching his parents Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe practice with the other dancers at Studie43 he’s clearly picked up some moves and was eager to show everyone what he has learned.

The two-year-old baby, William Stokkebroe heard the famous opening notes of Jailhouse Rock and just couldn’t help himself.

Proud bow!

He starts dancing and you will definitely find the video below an entertaining one. For a two-year-old to be so talented is surprising indeed!

He even gives a very proud bow and a kiss to the crowd at the end.

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