He Uses Pokemon GO To Lure A Kid At The Park. What Follows Is Terrifying.


#3 Pokemon Returns.

#3 Pokemon Returns.

Pokemon has been been every kid's childhood fantasy. Lately, it's game called Pokemon GO that is buzzing around. This app is winning heart right from its very first day. Not only kids, humans of every age are going crazy after this game. Off late, it has been in the news for both it's success and consequences it brings with itself.

This game calls for you moving out of your house to catch the Pokemon. As this is getting its fame higher and higher, the risks are also making its move quite fast. This You-Tuber guy, Karim, makes a video about what could happen to your child as he walks out to hunt for Pokemons.

#2 At The PokeStops.

#2 At The PokeStops.

The app works like this, you step ahead of your house and walk in the nearby area. Your phone, in the meanwhile, with the help of GPRS will track your location and shows you your hidden Pokemons.

Now these places where you find Pokemons are known to be PokeSpots. Although, it involves exercise and movement in your body, it doesn't warn you with the endangered situations that comes along with it. Many people are losing their life as they are totally drowned in finding the Pokemons and neglect the surrounding.

Karim took an initiative to warn the parents and all the other guardians how life wrecking this fun filling app can be.

Watch the video in the next section..

#1 A Message To All.

Karim, from AreWeFamousNow, shot this video where he sets a particular PokeStop which is dark, light-less and lifeless.

As he approaches kids, asking them to follow him to the destination, Karim says how unsafe a child can be. He sets a trap for these kids and very innocently asks them to match the steps with him.

He was shocked to see how these kids went after him without even knowing either his name or himself in any manner.

Watch the entire video below to see how this gentleman is putting his effort to stop all the endangered lives.

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