Girls All Sing Happy Birthday To Daddy But When He Makes A Wish The Girl On The Right Surprises Him The Most

This is definitely a video which they will look back to every year! And it is too cute to be missed!

The Birthday Celebration

The Birthday Celebration

Every family has a birthday celebration memory they look back to! And I am too sure that this family is going to look at this video all through their ages. Yes, it's that adorable!

So, this family of 8 were celebrating their dad's birthday who is sitting with his 7 little daughters around a big table while the mommy is busy filming the whole incident! As they were done with the birthday song, the dad proceeded to blow the candles on the cake!

The Impromptu Reaction

The Impromptu Reaction

As the daddy blew out the candle in one single breath, the girl on his right burst out into tears almost immediately and made us all swoon with that expression! She must have had her eyes transfixed on the candles, so when he blew them, she got really disappointed!

And before the daddy could do anything about it, even the next one joins in! Watch out the entire video ahead!

The Adorable Video

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