Do You Remember John Boy From The Waltons? Here's How He Looks NOW!

Look at how dear old John Boy is faring nowadays!

#3 The Waltons was a famous 70's Show

#3 The Waltons was a famous 70's Show

The Waltons was one of the most watched shows from the 70's. People seldom missed an episode.And TV time was really family time back then. Where everyone would huddle up together to watch their favorite TV shows. The Waltons was no different.

#2 Here's Him! This is how he looks now!

#2 Here's Him! This is how he looks now!

The show was about a family from rural Virginia during the Great Depression. The show revolved around the Waltons and stories about them. If you remember this show then you remember John Boy, who was the eldest of Waltons. An aspiring writer and an academic, who finally became the first in his family to graduate.

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#1 Down the memory Lane..

At the end of the series, he left for New York to become a writer. It's been some time since the show ended. But the actor who played John Boy, Richard Thomas has moved on to play various roles in shows like Law and Order SUV to the Good Wife. But John Boy is his greatest role yet. He even won an Emmy for it!

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