Disturbed Performance of 'The Sound Of Silence' Live On Conan Will Give You Goosebumps.

Disturbed version of Simon and Garfunkle's 'The Sound Of Silence' is hands down to the best cover of the classic song.

#3 Music From Heart, Touches Souls.

#3 Music From Heart, Touches Souls.

Music is that form of art that has moved many souls. They help you overcome your sorrow day, let's you dance to celebrate your joyous moments. Be it any occasion, there's a huge list of it totally suitable for that particular mood.

This performance by Disturbed on 'The Sound Of Silence' live from Conan is one of its kind.

#2 Emotions Justified.

#2 Emotions Justified.

The performance by Disturbed, led by the singer David Draiman with his crew including 15 members handling the orchestra gave a mind-boggling execution of the classic hit number. David's emotional yet strong efforts with his vocals was totally staggering.

Check out the entire video in the next section..It is mesmerizing

#1 Listen To 'The Sound Of Silence'

The way he sang was undoubtedly flawless. That feel in his voice was completely overwhelming. Listening to this piece was a real treat to the ears.

Give it a ear to this heart touching song in the video below.

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