Dancers Trapped In Airport For 6 Hours Hits The Place With Savage Routine

It is really annoying when it comes to waiting. No matter how, where, why should you wait, it always enrages you. But if you have a perfect pastime, you know how to survive the time and this group did just that. They used their rage in their routine and it made of the most amazing ones, you would ever see in an airport.

The long wait!

The long wait!

As infuriating it is to wait for the flight, you are left powerless to do anything about it, which is why all you can do is wait. But these youths were tired of just that.

Unaware of the troupe

Unaware of the troupe

Six hours is a long time and these folks were at the end of their rope and burst out with the moves that didn't just make their time pass but also entertained the fellow passengers.

Melted the tension

Melted the tension

The fellow passengers weren't aware that there was a famous dance group travelling with them. The performance not only entertained them but it also meted their tension away, which was build up within those 6 hours of long wait.

The "Funkywunks"


Thankfully this was recorded in the video and people are loving the performance online. The "Funkywunks" jumped out their seats and started with their routine, leaving everyone mesmerized. The crowd were on the verge of losing it but the troupe just gave an amazing routine to entertain these furious people so that they would calm down.

"Uptown Funk"

They boogied over Bruno Mars' hit song "Uptown Funk". They jumped out of their seats, bounced across the gate and everyone were having the time of their life.

The video

This was an unusual thing happening at the airport and everyone took their camera out to record the amazing routine. Here's the fun routine from the troupe Funkywunks.

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