Close Encounters of 18 Huge Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

This is quite surprising....

This is absolutely classic! When John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are giving Mia Wallace the adrenaline shot, they mark her chest with a magic red pen marker. And after the shot has been given, that red mark has disappeared.

During a shot for one of the scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, people noticed something a little odd. You can clearly see that in the background of this picture, there is a cast member definitely not in costume as he’s wearing a white tee and sunglasses. Definitely not a pirate!

In the 1977 movie, Star Wars, When the stormtroopers break into the control room, one of them on the right of the screen embarrassingly hits his head on the door frame. When a digitally mastered version of this movie was released on a DVD they've added a thump when he hits it to include that.

The Aviator, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was set in 1928, and you may remember a scene in which Howard Hughes requests 10 chocolate chip cookies. The only problem with this is that the cookies were baked for the first time two years after. Lol!

The mistake encountered in the next image will make you laugh out loud!

From The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Edward Cullen is a vampire and therefore he sparkles in the sun. But in the last scene of the movie where Edward and Bella are sitting in the sunny field, Edward is not sparkling.

During the scene in The Wizard of OZ, when Dorothy and Scarecrow are fighting with the trees, Scarecrow says "I'll show you how to get apples" and he gets hit by the apples. In the very next shot, a quick view of Dorothy reveals she is wearing black shoes, not her ruby slippers.

Titanic- another classic movie by Leonardo DiCaprio. But it was the situation when the movie falls into a mistaken category when Jack Dawson told a story about how he and his father once fished in Lake Wissota. That lake itself wasn’t actually formed until a dam was built in 1917 – FIVE years after the Titanic actually sank.

Gladiator was another movie having few mistakes! In the "Battle of Carthage" in the Colosseum, one of the chariots is turned over. Once the dust settles you can see a gas cylinder in the back of the chariot which would have not been found around that time.

Stay tuned as lots more movie mistakes are coming your way

You may remember that Mel Gibson famously wore a kilt in Braveheart. Not a problem there, right? Wrong, the kilt wasn’t ‘invented’ until the 16th century whereas William Wallace lived in the 1300’s

For the folks, The Goonies must be a legendary hit, but there's a whopper of the movie mistake. When Data explains that the skeleton is Chester Copperpot, Mikey is crouching beside the boulder that fell on Copperpot. In shots facing Mikey, he's holding the book and baseball card, but in shots facing Brand, Data and Mouth he is not.

Some directors fall while directing a movie. Likewise, in Independence Day, you can see the Empire State Building in all its glory. But when the building gets blown up, look to the right of the picture. The building next to it is the Citicorp Center. That is not right because Citicorp Center is on Lex between 53rd and 54th, while the ESB is on 34th and 5th.

Angelina and Brad sparked rumors galore when they starred together in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but that wasn’t the only thing that had crowds talking. The movie is set in NYC but during some scenes, road signs for LA can be seen.

Keep reading until last as we will show you some huge mistakes from big hit movies...

One can not deny the fact that Top Gun is one of the best films, but it too has lots of mistakes. Remember the scene where one plane was upside-down on top of the other? If this had happened in real life, there would have been a crash caused by the two tails coming in contact.

We have a slight continuation problem with the movie, “He’s All That.” In one scene the lady is being all rebellious and getting herself a new tattoo and later on when she’s at prom, that tattoo magically disappears. We wish we knew how she did that. Strange!

can you see a big white circle in the image? It's not a giant's tongue but in fact a cushion which was used to protect the hero from great giant's attack.

More movie mistakes....

Gone with the Wind- a classic movie from 1939 but possess two massive mistakes. In the picture above you can see an electrical cord coming out of the lamp. Does it mean to be a gas lamp? Secondly, electricity was not available in the homes at that time, then how is that possible if it is an electrical lamp?

Django looks good with sunglasses on, however, sunglasses weren’t very common at that time and only used for medical purposes.

According to the movie- The Book of Eli, the person in the image is holding a braille bible. But in reality, the braille books are much longer, and a braille bible would have taken up about 38 volumes.

Be aware, audience is not a fool!

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