Check out the Mystry behind Gloves of Disney Characters

You're sitting on the couch, watching yet another cartoon. You've seen this one million times, but it's the only way you can get entertain your kids. Bored out of your mind, your thoughts start to wander...Did I forget to take out the trash? Should I start working on my taxes? Wait, why does Mickey Mou..

When you think about your childhood times, the first thing that crosses your mind is your most loved cartoon series. You must have watched your favourite Disney cartoon several times in childhood that was supposed to be your best past time. First created in the year 1928, you have witnessed numerous changes in the overall appearance of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters.

If you go back to the early 20th century's Mickey Mouse cartoon, you will remember the glimpses of the rounded screen all in black and white contrast. During that time, Mickey Mouse had wide black and white eyes along with irregular hand and leg appearance.

Walt Disney gave special attention to the overall appearance of its characters, especially the hands covered with gloves. In order to provide complete justice to the character of Mickey Mouse as the leading character of a Disney cartoon, the creators came up with the idea of covering his hand with gloves instead of giving an irregular shape of hands like that of an actual mouse.

Further witness as for how the colour of Mickey Mouse changed by the time.

Even the creators of Walt Disney commented about giving gloves to Mickey Mouse as an act of personifying him as human rather than an actual mouse.

Earlier gloves of the Disney characters were all coloured in black and shoes in white in order to give total contrast. After a few years, when colours were introduced in cartoons, the designers came up with the newest development of white gloves in all character’s hands. This was mainly done to provide human persona to the character rather than appearing as animals on the screen.

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