Can You Solve This Difficult Car-In-A-Box Brain Teaser? It Will Freak You Out!

This game is bamboozling the internet...

Another mind-buzzing game has been bamboozling the social media. This is so confusing that only 37% of people who attempted to take the challenge can solve it. Now, it's your turn, can you beat the challenge? Before moving ahead, let's take a look at the game.

Actually, there are three boxes, each having car drawings outside and with a statement underneath. But out of the three, only 1 is true. You have to find out that.

Though we are not exactly sure how a car can fit in a box, but you have to find out which box contains a car?

Let's begin with first box?

According to the statement with Box 1, if the car is inside it, then statements on Box 1 and Box 2 will have to be correct.

So, the answer can not be Box 1.

If Box 3 has a car, then both the statements on Box 2 and Box 3 would be correct. So, again Box 3 can't have a car.

Read next to find out if Box 2 has a car or not?

But, because Box 2 says that it doesn't contain the car. So, it means that only the statement on Box 3 is correct.

Did you get the right box? Scroll down to see the answer.

The main aim here is to work out which option results in only one of the statements being correct.

The answer is Box 2!

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