A shocking truth revealed in a restaurant's footage.


The service was extremely slow.

The service was extremely slow.

A famous restaurant in New York had been in service for a very long period and as time passed, the running of the restaurant was being hampered by something but was that 'something'? The service had been turned very slow.

One of the most common complaints that the restaurant received was that the service had become really slow. The restaurant was unable to figure out the reason behind this. They couldn't understand whether there was problem in the kitchen, or maybe the staff or maybe the way the tables were laid out.

When restaurant decided to get at the bottom of things.

When restaurant decided to get at the bottom of things.

Being an old restaurant, they couldn't take a bad name for themselves and they decided to hire a firm to inspect the case. The firm asked them to get a CCTV footage of the same. They found a footage with a date stamp which said, Thursday, 1 July, 2004 and the restaurant was quite busy that day. The footage was loaded along with a footage of the previous day where they could witness the same number of customers.

45 tables were looked at, and they finally got at the bottom.

#3 The average situation.

#3 The average situation.


Customers walk in where out of 45 customers, three chose to sit elsewhere apart from the seats they were given.

On average, they spend around 8 minutes to decide what to order.

Appetizers get served within 6 minutes where out of 45 customers, two of the customers sent the items back.

After they are done, they are given check and within 5 minutes they leave.

Average time calculated: 1:05

You got to read more to discover what happened 10 years later.

#2 The average situation- Part two.

#2 The average situation- Part two.


Customers walk in where out of 45 customers, 18 customers decided to sit elsewhere. Before they could have a look at the menu, they took their phone out to take pictures or to do something else. Out of 45, around seven customers had waiters come over right away where they spent around 5 minutes of waiter's time.On asking the waiters about it, they explained that the customers had trouble connecting to the wifi with which they helped. Finally, after a wait, waiters make their way to the tables and ask if they would like to order something but they are asked to give more time for ordering.

The total time calculated when the customer was seated until they placed their order was 21 minutes. The food gets delivered in six minutes. Out of 45 customers, 26 spent an average of three minutes to take pictures of the food. Around 14 customers were seen taking pictures of each other with or without food where around four minutes were spent. Nine customers, for obvious reasons, sent their food to reheat. 27 customers asked to take the group photo from the waiters which took another five minutes, which includes clicking the picture and reviewing it.
On average, it took them 20 more minutes until they finally asked for check.

Average time calculated: 1:55

#1 The conclusion. Tadaaaa!

#1 The conclusion. Tadaaaa!

On average, it took the customers 50 more minutes in the entire process which suggests that the digital age has taken over and how people are now spending less time connecting with each other in reality.

What did you think? Do you agree that the digital age has taken over or do you think that people still do spend more time connecting with each other in reality.

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