A Driver Finds His Car Jammed Between Two Trucks In A Parking Lot; See What He Does Next

This's so fun watching the video...

While the world is moving towards advancement, the lifestyle is changing to match pace with the trending modernization. People have less time to take a pause and adore what's happening around. But imagine you get trapped at the parking area for some lame reasons?

Parking your vehicle in congested parking lots of cities can often be a daunting task. But, this man’s ordeal didn’t end even after he had found a safe parking spot.

This is when a driver of red Mercedez returned to the parking arena, he found two Jeeps pulled up to the either side of his car, leaving no room to open the doors.

What he did next is truly fun to watch...

The video footage is from an unknown location of US. After seeing his car wedged between two huge trucks, you will see how the driver tried to squeeze himself in between and even managed to open the door of driver seat a bit. But sadly, space there was too narrow to let him get inside the car.

But his intelligence and thinking power helped him to get out of this devastating situation. Not too happy he also kicks both the Jeeps. But, the distraught driver then opened his car’s boot space and crawled to the driver’s seat and then drives off.

Scroll down to watch the complete footage...


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