8 Of The Most Terrifying Moments Ever Caught On Live TV

#7 Rodney King Riots In Los Angeles

Rodney King was an American taxi driver who became nationally known after being beaten by Los Angeles Police Department officers. A witness George Holliday not only watched it happen but also videotaped most of it. The Footage which shows four police officers repeatedly striking King was sent to the local news station KTLA. The footage was aired all around the country which inflamed outrage in cities with high racial tension.

The four officers were charged with use of excessive force and assault with a deadly weapon. Three out of 4 accused were acquitted of all charges. The fourth got away with the Jury being unable to make a firm decision. The acquittals of the 4 officers is what is generally believed to be the cause of the riots. The Rodney King riots lasted for 4 days and resulted in death of 53 people and over 2000 injuries.

Thanks to round the clock live coverage, people across the nation got to witness events such as looting, arson, assault and even killings on their TVs in their living rooms. Thousands of people took part in this riot which lasted for over 6 days and resulted in millions of dollars of public and private loss of property in destruction. They were the largest riots seen in the United States since the Detroit Riot of 1967. And yet the next page has live coverage of an event that took many more lives and was far larger in scale. Go to the next page to find out what it is.

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